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作者:淡蓝唇彩  来源:178  发布时间:2010-07-05 18:15:52


In praise of fool

A world belongs to the fool

A heaven is full of happy

Throwing dice once, action, language, drawing and lip-language are happy flying in the sky

Taking a card, words, skills, gemstones and performances with laughter

Hourglass is turning. It hurries to expression true meaning in the words.

 Pound the table and stand up, want to talk with teammate.

Not fear the opponent’s intelligence is very high--- bossy

Though teammates look like pigs——I am crazy

Fool’s secret recipe

Not strive to scholarly honor, only as a king in the laugher

  If you want to try laughter, you want to have mutual affinity and you want to see others spectacle and so on, let us together entrance the world of “A fool is amazing”.

  “A fool is amazing” is a happy game that is a lot of people to participation, prompting your teammates guess your expressive words in the shortest time by action, language, drawing and lip-language the four modes of expression, if the teammates guess correctly, you will enter the next level, people who first to the end-point will win the game.

  Clumsy or elegant posture, ambiguous or correct description, simple or exquisite pictures, you can try your best means to telling your teammates the secrets that your keeping. Let the happy spread, let the laughter pass one after another.

  Number of players: more than three people

  Recommended age: more than eight years old

  Recommended time: 60 minutes

  Language version: Chinese and English

  Game Accessories:

  1. 136 cards, including 112 vocabulary cards, 22 skill cards and 2 blank cards

  2. A piece of game territory.

  3. There have two dices for the game, including a pattern dice and another digital dice.

  4. There have four chesses with wooden pigs.

  5. A set of pencil and notebook

  6. A hourglass in a minute, 30 gemstones.

  7. A manual.

  Accessories introduction:

  Vocabulary card: total 5 lines vocabularies on the vocabulary card, from top to bottom are in accordance with number one to five on the digital dice respectively; each line total has two words, you can select one of the words when guessing words.

  Skill card: you can get skill card when you throw successfully the piggy dice, you also can change skill card by two gemstones; its functions have description on the card, there have no limitation for a part of skills’ using, but a part of skills need to implementation immediately, the player need to see clearly when playing game.

  Game territory: Map of Fools village (game territory), it divided into 16 small grids. The first to the end-point’s player will win the game. The special points “5”“10”“15” for response point on the map, namely players reach to this point, the round change to response round automatically, all of players can participation for response..

  Pattern dice: The six sided patterns of dice are express the following meaning respectively.

  1. 。。。:Action, expression vocabularies use of action.

  2. 。。。:Language, expression vocabularies use of language.

  3. 。。。:Lip-language, expression vocabularies use of lip-language.

  4. 。。。:Drawing, expression vocabularies use of drawing.

  5. 。。。:Response, select above any way to expression vocabularies, other players can response in the process of guessing words.

  6. 。。。:Lottery, taking a skill card and can continue to throwing the dice;

  Digital dice: number one to five are in accordance with vocabulary card from top to bottom the one to five lines vocabularies respectively; Response function is same with pattern dice’s function of response.

  Chesses with pig pattern: chesses with pig pattern are players using symbols on the territory. Each group distributes a pig in the beginning of game. We can see who’s pig run fastest in this game.

  Hourglass in a minute: it provides timekeeper for players guessing words, the player must be completed whole process in a minute, otherwise judgment is failure, and the game will carry through by next group.


  1. Access means: each group can be directly obtained two gemstones in the beginning of game; you can obtain a gemstone if you answer the vocabularies correctly in the process of game.

  2. Gemstone’s use: it can be used to extend time for guessing words. A gemstone can exchange answer time for a minute; the gemstone also can exchange skill card, two gemstones can exchange one skill card.

  The general rules of the game

  First: Game setup

  The players divide into 2 to 4 groups, and each group has more than 2 people.

  Roll out the game territory, each group takes a piece of chess with pig pattern on the starting point of territory.

  Should be kept the skills card, vocabulary cards and hourglasses where it is accessible to players.

  The player’s starting properties: a piece of chess with pig pattern, a set of brush-pencil and notebook, 2 gemstones and draw out any one of skill cards

  Decision each group’s sequencing by players’ finger guessing.

  Second, starting the game

  First round: time beginning, throw two dices.

  Second round: draw out vocabulary card.

  Third round: lock the vocabulary card and starting game, the teammates guess right and carry through the next round, if the teammates guess wrong in specified time, and the next group will start the game.


  1. If you throw pattern dice to “response”, the round becomes response round, description vocabularies’ player can choose a kind of action, language, lip-language or drawing to expression vocabularies, other players can be answered, which group answer right will obtain a gemstone and continuous playing game; if the group answers right again, they will obtain a gemstone while advancing one grid on the map and continuous playing game.

  2. If you throw the pattern dice to “pig”, and you can draw out a skill card in the skill cards, then you can throw dice again.

  3. If you throw the digital dice to “response”, the method of playing is same with pattern dice’s “response”.

  4. Digital dice’s number of one to five are in accordance with vocabulary card from top to bottom the one to five lines vocabularies respectively, such as “one” express first line on the vocabulary card.

  5. Discards from vocabulary cards and skill cards will be placed respectively after using, the discards will reuse after the vocabulary cards and skill cards finished.

  Third: Game victory

  The player can advance one grid on the map after guessing right one vocabulary, the group first to the end-point of map will get the victory.


  1. The players can control the game’s strict level by themselves, such as action and drawing to expression vocabularies, if players guess its synonym, can be regarded as guess right: “doze” is equal to “sleepy”.

  2. Using language to description the vocabularies cannot appear same words or partial tones from cards.

  3. In order to reduce the difficulty, can explain the vocabulary’s category and nature before the player to expression vocabulary. Such as “Zhao Benshan” is a personality name.

  4. In order to increase the difficulty of game, you must guess two vocabularies for each line on vocabulary card within the specified time. And then you will pass the game.

  Game skills tips:

  1. Expression vocabularies use of drawing, you can draw up several horizontal or several vertical to expression this vocabulary constituted by several words.

  2. Expression vocabularies use of action, you can use your fingers to expression this vocabulary constituted by several words.

  The warm reminder:

  Happy and relaxing are ultimate goal of the game!!!

  Let us leave all of restraint and trouble, and then we are often laughing.



  To explain the skill cards:

  1. The fool picks ears: men are speaking with women’s voice, and women are speaking with men’s voice.

  2. The fool beats dragon: hold in the month, hold the pen between two fingers and hold the pen with armpit and so on.

  3. The fool watches door: player’s finger can write out the strokes of a Chinese character in the air by uniform speed.

  4. The fool is laugh: “a fool is amazing” can emit “y、y、j、r”.

  5. The crazy king dancer: one people use his/her left hand, another people use his/her right hand. They do like this to complete action that you want to expression.

  6. The fool with smile: you can emit rhinoceros’ voice when you are strokes of a Chinese character action in performance “rhinoceros”.

  7. The crazy king destroyer: you can emit weird voice and making weird action to breakage.

  8. The crazy tricky king: you can make a difficult word or strange expression, let the partner performance.

  9. The fool yields tiger: whatever you provide any requirements, the other side must be done in accordance with your requirements.

  10. The fool with long eyebrows: you can see a pair of people almost to the end-point, and push them to the same position with you to start again.